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Countertrade & Offset?

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Global Intelligence that gives you opportunities...
saves you from making costly mistakes.

Countertrade & Offset is the intelligence asset for commandos involved with Reciprocal Trade. If you are in the Defence Procurement Business; or Trade Financiers; or executives in Commodity-Linked Finance; or concerned with Trade-Related Investment Issues, CTO is for you.

You have been missing crucial intelligence: new concepts, emerging trends, names of key contacts, a shift in the policy of a customer country, the strategy of a competitor, the anatomy of a breakthrough deal...

Since 1983 CTO has kept your colleagues and competitors ahead of the game. That is why we have been so successful.

Our staff cover the globe to bring you the latest intelligence from those involved in the trade. In the last year, we have published interviews with ministers and government officials responsible for countertrade and offset policy from dozens of countries, as well as discussions with countless practitioners - on the record and off. We also report from major countertrade and offset conferences to keep you up to date.

When you make a single contract, transact a single deal, or achieve a single saving as a result of Countertrade & Offset, you earn a multiple on the annual subscription fee.

You will use CTO to:

Track changes in government regulations. Compare your company's strategy with your competitor's. Identify new opportunities. Know who is doing what with whom. Provide information to top management. Identify trends.