Monday, 16 May 2022



CTO Global Offset Database
JUST $580

CTO Global Offset Database – January 2007 to December 31 2017

CTO announces publication of a unique offset transaction record for the defence sector. The “CTO Global Offset Database” covers ten years to the end of 2017, including some contracts signed before 2007 but which commenced later. The information has been compiled from analysis of data provided by SIPRI, and from CTO’s own extensive unique in-house archive. It is confined to commitments under defence contracts.

Our table is divided into four colour-coded sections: 

· Regional distribution by supply country;
· Manufacturer;
· Buyer;
· Completion of contractual obligation.

Inevitably, there are some surprises. Kyrgyzstan, for instance, is listed as a manufacturing country with an offset commitment to India. A manufacturer in Belarus had an industrial participation contract with Vietnam. Kazakhstan and Myanmar secured local assembly.

The terminology used in the tables is unavoidably inconsistent. Each country applies its own definition to offset, industrial participation, industrial cooperation, local content, etc. Each designation should be regarded as broadly similar. Where the designation is “countertrade” the implication is that counterpurchase or barter was agreed as a form of payment.

The database costs just $580.