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, No 6, Monday 25th March, 2013

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  • India’s offset policy at a crossroads?

    Under a proposed “Buy and Make (Indian)” plan, Indian companies, including those in the private sector, will receive preference in all purchase contracts; procurement from foreign suppliers will be the last option. Indian companies are likely to seek foreign joint venture partners.l….. The government is also likely to disqualify software and consultancy services from offset credits.

  • CADSI supports Canada’s national shipbuilding procurement strategy; others less sure

    Canada’s C$35bn national shipbuilding programme has ignited a debate about the effectiveness of its provisions. CADSI rejected the notion that Canada was likely to only accomplish assembly, with no additional benefits for the industry. Tim Page told CTO that that was not the intention of the federal government and that Canada’s marine industrial sector is “ready to go” to support the government’s initiatives.

  • More smears mire South Africa’s Commission of Inquiry

    The Seriti commission probing allegations of corruption in the South African government’s R70bn arms deal and the fraudulent offset contracts has suffered a further blow to its credibility…. Judge Seriti has indicated that the commission had received no evidence implicating the ANC in the matter, which observers find incredible.

  • Chávez death could rock barter deals across the Caribbean and Cuba

    The demise of Venezuela’s president, Hugo Chávez, raises questions over the future of generous subsidies that Venezuela provides Cuba under a countertrade programme. Venezuela provides oil to Cuba on subsidised terms in exchange for Cuban professional services, mainly doctors, teachers, and healthcare workers.


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