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, No 20, Monday 28th October, 2013

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  • Special Report – European Commission struggles to measure the impact of the directive

    The European Commission has ordered a study to prepare for its report to the European Parliament. The report will describe the impact on defence markets and industries of Directive 2009/81/EC. Titled “Openness of Member States’ defence markets,” the study has not been published and its contents are not expected to be made public. CTO has secured a copy and here we appraise its 202 pages.

  • Taiwan: contractors must contend with unwritten rules and resignations

    A “unique situation” in Taiwan has thrown up a number of complications that are causing some trouble for obligors on the island, Jim Grzella, president of the service provider Global Partnering Solutions, told the DIOA/GOCA conference. The trouble comes as the MoD focuses on defence industrial cooperation projects to supplement a defence budget shortfall.

  • South Africa: DTI confirms B-BBEE threshold increase

    Nomonde Mesatywa, chief director of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment unit (BBBEE) at the DTI, has confirmed a decision to increase from R20m to R50m ($5m) the threshold of the equity value needed for a company to qualify as a “new entrant.” The codes now require that enterprises should be 40 percent empowered. Many existing enterprises which had met the requirements of the previous codes will lose their status.

  • Offset academies to spread across the globe

    Discussions are under way with trade organisations in the U.S.A., India, and France to collaborate in rolling out an international offset advanced training programme. There could be collaboration between the British programme, backed by the UK trade organization ADS, and the French programme….


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