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, No 21, Monday 11th November, 2013

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  • Turkey: Legislation imminent for mandatory civil offset

    A committee of Turkey’s Grand National Assembly is examining legislation for mandatory civil offsets. The GNA is expected to approve the bill in about a month and it will become law two months later, according to an informed government source.

  • Thailand to open bidding for railway projects paid for with rice, rubber, and tapioca

    Despite much scepticism, the government said its plan to barter Thai farm products for Chinese high-speed trains is likely to be finalised before the end of the year. The government still plans to hold a bidding contest for the railway projects, and said that barter is a mechanism open to all countries.

  • U.S. to expand audits to ensure compliance with Buy America Act

    The Office of Inspector General will conduct audits that include examinations of compliance with both the Berry Amendment and the Buy American Act. The BAA requires that ‘substantially all’ of the costs of foreign components not exceed 50 percent of the cost of all components. It is criticised by many foreign suppliers for its equivalence to an offset policy.

  • South Africa: Further consideration of the impact of changes to the B-BBEE codes

    The amendments significantly change the manner in which a firm’s B-BBEE status (or level) will be calculated. For example a firm with an “old” B-BBEE level 4 rating (65 points) will automatically become a “new” B-BBEE level 7.

  • Netherlands tops the EC’s infringement league

    The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland and Slovenia were all referred to the Court in 2012 with a proposal for financial sanctions because of the late transposition of the directive on defence procurement. A summary of referrals last year puts them into context by disclosing the extent to which there were other alleged infringements.


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