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, No 14, Monday 28th July, 2014

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  • Indonesia’s new strategy is slip-sliding away

    Indonesia’s countertrade and offset guidelines appear to be in trouble. The guidelines are ready but will not address some key issues because the government has not agreed on some aspects of policy, and are concerned about a lack of experience in application.

  • Kuwait to suspend civil offset policy

    Kuwait is understood to be placing its civil offset policy on hold. The suspension is expected to be confirmed later this year and to last for up to a year. Government officials declined to comment. The policy has been in force since 1992.

  • EDA surrenders – offset portal closed

    The European Defence Agency’s (EDA) offset portal is gone, victim to a boycott by disaffected member states…..

  • European Union paper sees small loophole in Article 346

    A paper examining the application of EU law to defence issues has found a loophole in Article 346 TFEU. But states that it may be too small to squeeze through a fat offset contract.

  • Poland: President signs the new law

    Poland’s President Bronislaw Komorowski has signed the New Offset Act. The Act will be published in the Official Journal and will come into force by early August.


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