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, No 19, Monday 13th October, 2014

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  • Latin America: “We love offsets – they are heaven”

    “They didn’t think we could deliver, but we could,” said Juanita Rodríguez Kattah, Director of Science, Technology, and Innovation for Colombia’s Ministry of National Defence (MoND), of the ministry’s conference in Cartagena.  “Yes, we had some wrestling matches,” admitted Dov Hyman, a GOCA Executive Board Member.

  • Colombia targets education, R&D, technology transfer

    Colombia’s Minister of National Defence, Juan Carlos Pinz?n Bueno, told the first offset conference in Latin America that offset policy has been a key element in the institutional development of the defence sector in science and technology. Colombia adopts two approaches…..

  • 40 F-35 fighter jets for Korea ignites a fat offset package – and a major internal investigation by Lockheed

    South Korea’s deal to buy 40 F-35 fighter jets includes an offset package worth 50 percent of the value of the jets, which cost $7.06bn. The package includes a military communications satellite that will be launched into orbit and then operated by Korea. But the comsat will be supplied by…..

  • Algeria tells defence contractors to offer systems development

    Major General Rashid Chouaki, head of Algeria’s military manufacturing, told the Algerian newspaper El Watan that foreign partnerships, investment, and collaboration will play a vital role in the development of the country’s defence industry.

  • UK prepares for sales by inviting South Africa to bid into UK market

    UK Trade and Investment (UKTI), a government agency, has invited South African firms to bid for defence contracts for the UK. UKTI spokesman Adam Thomas said the UK is looking to form joint ventures and industrial partnerships with South Africa’s biggest defence companies as well as SMEs.


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