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, No 23, Monday 08th December, 2014

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  • Lockheed’s runaway Korean offset

    A CTO investigation has uncovered a problem that is giving Lockheed Martin a mighty headache. A service provider has been signed to a package that comprises three satellite communication systems, only one of which is going to Korea, and Lockheed’s space division will not supply any of them…..

  • Korea: DAPA policy faces annual quota ramp

    DAPA wants the offset program to support the opening of new export markets and intends to augment the policy on an annual basis. That will include mandatory export quotas, backed by multipliers.

  • Offsets are the poisoned chalice

    “For ethics and compliance no country is off limits anymore. There is the U.S. legislation, there is the EU legislation, but you will have to cover all the other possible legislations where you are active. As a result, corporate law is really dressed up in new clothes.”

  • Denmark: Three tenders issued under Article 346

    The first tender documents requiring industrial cooperation have been published under Denmark’s new guidelines. They have been issued for three separate requirements.

  • Canada: key industrial capabilities “are bonkers”

    Canada’s Postmedia News takes the Stephen Harper government to task over a “long history of incompetence and waste” in military procurement. The focus is on so-called ‘industrial and regional benefits’ rather than simply getting the best equipment at the lowest price,” the article asserted.


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