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, No 3, Monday 09th February, 2015

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  • France turns a blind eye to deception by China’s “forced technology transfers”

    Concerns about illegal copies of French systems manufactured by China are rarely publicized and the French companies involved have never publicly criticized China for doing this. If there are any battles over China’s dark arts, they are hardly bloody.

  • Argentina demands local assembly

    Argentine Defence Minister Agustín Rossi has announced that any company supplying military aircraft to Argentina must agree to develop the country’s aviation industry. He gave the example of the recently acquired…..

  • Peru: Agency opens this month

    Peru’s newly established defence procurement agency will commence operations in February, Emilio Cohayla Escudero, Director for Social and Industrial Offsets, told CTO. The agency was scheduled to have begun work last October.

  • Kuwait’s offset regime remains unstable – its future looks worse

    The situation in Kuwait remains in flux, with publication of the new offset guidelines likely delayed until July at least; the end of the year appears more likely. The current guidelines remain suspended.

  • Poland takes final breath under the old offset rules

    Poland’s Economy Ministry has begun its evaluation of offset proposals for bids to supply 70 helicopters. The acquisition will be the final tender to qualify under the old offset law.


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