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, No 5, Monday 09th March, 2015

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  • Offset community tells UAE: “Your financial models do not work”

    Dov Hyman, GOCA’s Conference Director, opened his presentation to the Abu Dhabi International Offset (ADIOC) conference by announcing that he was speaking at the request of the Tawazun Economic Council. He then proceeded to address a sensitive topic, hoping he could do so without getting blood on the carpet. The invitation is unlikely to be repeated…..

  • Twenty projects in the pipeline – TEC introduces “Work Packages”

    Matar Ali Al Romaithi, CEO of TEC’s Industrial Development Unit, disclosed that more than twenty industrial cooperation projects are in different phases of development, including some in the concept phase.

  • Turkey launches its civil offset program

    Turkey has launched a Public Procurement Law on civil offsets. The law allows procurement agencies such as the ministries for health, energy, communications, and transport to decide for themselves whether purchases qualify for the program and become subject to the offset regulation.

  • Korea: DAPA’S multipliers to change this month

    DAPA, Korea’s offset agency, is adjusting its multipliers in an attempt to boost defence exports. The new multipliers will become effective this month. A pilot scheme is being introduced for credits to be awarded to foreign contractors when they hire Korean interns.

  • Malaysia introduces a new approach for “Impactful Outputs”

    Malaysia has introduced a new ‘Policy and Guideline on Industrial Collaboration Programs (ICPs) in Government Procurement.’ The policy is the third edition of this initiative since 1987.


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