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, No 6, Monday 23rd March, 2015

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  • Turkey opens civil offset law to all ministries

    Turkey’s Public Procurement Law on civil industrial participation/offset now allows procurement agencies to decide whether imports qualify for the program. It also lets them subject those imports to the civil offset regulation. The ministries of health, energy, communications, and transport are the procurement agencies most likely to exploit the law but any ministry may do so.

  • Surprise decision sees academic appointed to run Oman bureau

    The contest between the two principal contenders to head Oman’s Partnerships Development Program is over. Support for the incumbent, Saleem Bin Qasem Bin Ahmad Al-Zawawi, fell away, leaving Dr. Dhafir bin Awad bin Bader Al Shanfari to be appointed CEO.

  • Austrian spy kept Eurofighter informed during offset negotiations

    The Eurofighter Typhoon offset team allegedly received sensitive information from a spy in the Austrian Ministry of Economy before an agreement was reached on the offset contract.

  • Offset is alive and flourishing within NATO

    Despite Directive 2009/81/EC curtailing offsets for defence procurement by European member states, and although U.S. policy also considers offsets ‘market distorting,’ NAPMO is continuing to follow a policy on behalf of its members that requires industrial returns in recognition of those nations’ contributions to the program…..

  • Indonesia’s GCI radar contract will set the pace for guidelines

    Indonesia’s offset and countertrade guidelines are far from complete although multipliers have been decided….Some principle guideline features are a long way from resolution. For instance, a tussle over the penalty provisions…..


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