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, No 9, Monday 11th May, 2015

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  • Behind the shadows of Transparency International’s attack on defence offsets

    Transparency International UK has landed another volley on the defence offset industry with a combination of poorly aimed punches….. Although the report reads as if approaching the climax of a disaster movie, a closer look reveals shortcomings in the methodology, and raises questions about the questions and the credentials of the reviewers.

  • Oman: New CEO will soon release new guidelines

    Dr. Dhafir bin Awad bin Bader Al Shanfari, the recently appointed CEO of Oman’s Partnership for Development (PfD) authority, is approaching the final stages of an internal review of new policy guidelines.

  • India may curb indirect defence opportunities under offset contracts

    Indian Defence Ministry officials said that the MoD is finalising an offset policy that will require foreign companies to set up manufacturing bases in India. The plan is to link the offsets policy to the ‘Make in India’ campaign because the conditions surrounding foreign investment have not been productive.

  • Australia: Union muscle likely to preclude economic benefits of a foreign submarine build

    A report by a group of independent consultants has found that building naval warships in Australia would cost 30 to 40 percent more than in comparable overseas shipyards, but suggested the price premium could be halved with improved productivity. Australia’s shipbuilding industry is highly unionised.

  • MEP revives tirade against EC’S stand on Portuguese offsets

    Ana Maria Rosa Martins Gomes, a Portuguese Member of the European Parliament (MEP), has restarted her crusade against the European Commission’s refusal to take action against the Portuguese government over alleged irregularities in the performance of offsets. The contracts relate to an historic submarine purchase.


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