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, No 10, Monday 25th May, 2015

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  • South Africa lays out new plans for civil and defence industrial participation

    The South African government has set out new strategies for its offset policies. The Industrial Policy Action Plan affects both civil and defence industrial participation. The new strategies will be developed in conjunction with sector desks, and will either become part of the general National Industrial Participation (NIP) guidelines or will be included as annexures to tender documents.

  • European Parliament committee censures EC’S stance over misuse of Article 346, calls for tougher action

    The European Parliament’s ‘Committee on the Internal Market’ has published a report that severely criticises the approach of the European Commission and member states towards Directive 2009/81/EC. The committee, comprising MEPS from every member state…..

  • India circulates draft offset policy

    A ten-member committee from India’s MoD has put a draft offset policy into limited circulation for comments by industry associations. The draft suggests that India will request ‘directed offsets’ with compulsory investment by obligors in selected manufacturing capabilities.

  • Kuwait: Another battle begins as minister decides to wind up ‘National Offset Company’

    Kuwait’s Finance Ministry has said it will ask the Council of Ministers to approve the appointment of a liquidator to wind up the National Offset Company. The company’s former CEO told CTO he would oppose the move because the NOC was not properly established and cannot therefore be subject to liquidation.

  • Hotchpotch Ukrainian transporter to crash land in Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia is to manufacture aircraft under a joint venture with the Ukrainian manufacturer Antonov. The joint venture will build transport planes for military and civilian use in a deal strengthening the kingdom’s drive to develop a domestic military industry.


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