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, No 11, Monday 08th June, 2015

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  • Canada announces key policy changes and a new banking approach

    The Canadian government has announced a number of enhancements to its Industrial and Technological Benefits (ITB) policy. The banking provision will be changed to boost the attractiveness of investing in Canada in advance of a contractual requirement…..The Investment Framework will increase from 5 percent to 25 percent of contract value the cap on investments in SMEs…..

  • Russia on course for a formal offset policy

    Russia convened a meeting of the Council of Ministers in March to consider the development of offset legislation. The ministries of Economy, External Trade, and Finance were asked to produce a report on ways to increase knowledge of offset practice and to recommend a policy. The report is expected…..

  • India: D-Day is June 30th; DPP 2015 has stringent penalties, new nodal agency

    On June 30th the Indian government will give contractors some good news. It will announce that an amendment to the country’s DPP 2013 will allow the offset policies introduced gradually between 2006 and 2013 to be applied retrospectively. India will also release a new plan: DPP 2015.

  • Poland: obligors should take an anxiety pill before approaching the MoD

    The MoD has acquired just one person from the Ministry of Economy, and contractors will notice when they go for meetings that the offset team is completely new to offsets. Consequently they are inclined to require the obligor to come up with proposals and to figure out how the MoD wants to satisfy the obligation.

  • Australia to move all ‘Industry Engagement’ matters to the Department of Industry

    In April the Australian government released a report proposing the abolition of the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) that that all industry engagement matters associated with defence procurements, currently Australian Industry Capability (AIC) and Global Supply Chain (GSC) plans, be moved to the Department of Industry to align with broader industry policies. The government has said the review will be implemented over the next two years.


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