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, No 19, Monday 12th October, 2015

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  • Indonesia: Powerful forces criticise KKIP’S drift towards integrity

    Indonesia’s Defence Industry Policy Committee, known as KKIP, is facing hostility from government ministers who want to shut it down. The ministers, we were told, view the KKIP’s enforcement of the offset regulations as an obstacle to securing backhanders…..

  • Taiwan: Defence ministry extends influence over industrial cooperation, demands directs

    As the government of Taiwan reorganises and downsizes its Industrial Cooperation Program Office (ICPO), the influence of Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defence is growing. The result is greater demand for direct projects…..

  • DAPA “lied and exaggerated” about F-35 technology transfer

    Korean MPs have accused DAPA, the country’s offset agency, of misleading the public and exaggerating the terms of a contract for the transfer of technology. The U.S. rejected the export of four of 25 technologies relating to the F-35 fighter jet, citing security reasons. The refused technologies include the Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar system.

  • “Offsets are everywhere in the European Union” – The defence directive is a fiasco

    “Offsets are still here, everyone is still compliant,” Guy Anderson, Senior Principal Analyst for IHS Aerospace, Defence and Security, told the GOCA conference during a talk assessing “Offsets in the European Union Post 2011.” The big issue when evaluating the impact of Directive 2009/81/EC is how countries apply Article 346…..

  • Russia looks to Southeast Asia for military joint ventures

    A Russian minister has declared that Russia’s defence industry is focused on finding reliable partners, particularly in Asia. The country does not intend to lag behind in scientific and technological cooperation in the global arms market, he added.


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