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, No 20, Monday 26th October, 2015

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  • India’s Aviation Ministry demands gulf airlines give offsets for passengers

    India may ask Gulf airlines for a share in the offset benefits the airlines receive when buying civil aircraft, the country’s Aviation Ministry has said.  “The plan is to get manufacturing offsets in return for the huge traffic that we provide to some foreign airlines.”

  • The Netherlands presents its case for industrial participation

    Pieter Taal, Commissioner for Military Production at Holland’s Ministry of Economic Affairs, rejected his country’s reputation for using doubtful justification to bypass the EU defence directive. He conceded that the absence of an EU definition of national security interests makes the strategy risky.

  • GOCA’s legal committee begins confidential fact-finding mission

    GOCA has formed a legal committee comprising seven members. The committee will identify recurring issues that complicate the offset process, publicise “best practices,” seek to reduce contention, manage risk, and improve outcomes.

  • Australia: Japan pledges 100 percent technology transfer and a domestic submarine build

    Tokyo has improved its offer to Australia by revealing additional details of a proposal to design and build submarines. The head of a high-powered Japanese delegation, Masaki Ishikawa, said Japan would transfer 100 percent of the technology involved in building a larger version of Japan’s state-of-the-art 4,000-ton diesel-electric Soryu-class submarine.

  • Russia and North Korea reach agreement on rouble settlement as barters gather pace

    Russia’s Sever Group and the Kim Chaek metallurgical plant in Chongjin, North Korea, have reached a monthly trade turnover of $2m by use of barter and monetary settlements. Now Russia and North Korea have agreed on the need to optimize foreign trade operations and are already able to make settlements in roubles.


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