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, No 22, Monday 23rd November, 2015

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  • Twelve nations agree Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Pact – Malaysia wins 12-year delay on ending offsets; Vietnam gets 25 years

    Malaysia has come out a clear victor in negotiations over the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade pact.  Malaysia can delay the closure of its offset policy for more than 12 years; both its defence and civil offset programs will meanwhile remain in force. Vietnam, which has no documented offset policy, has won an exemption for 25 years. It has time to invent one.

  • FMS Whodunit: Has Kuwait really dumped its offset program?

    The U.S. DoD’s Defence Security Cooperation Agency has approved a possible FMS to Kuwait for Sniper Advanced Targeting Pods and associated equipment valued at $115m. Surprisingly, given the Kuwaiti government’s affirmation that it will no longer ask for offsets, the DoD asserts that offset agreements associated with the proposed sale are expected…..

  • Poland’s new government spells trouble for unsigned deals

    The victory of the opposition Law and Justice (PiS) party in Poland’s parliamentary election will bring changes to the country’s military procurement plans. The PiS said before the election that it would review military tenders as part of efforts to boost the share of Poland’s defence budget spent domestically if it were to win. Polonisation is set to get tougher.

  • Denmark to manufacture for Pratt & Whitney and Lockheed Martin

    Danish defence firm Multicut has won two significant orders. Pratt & Whitney has awarded the firm a contract to manufacture F135 engine components under a ten-year procurement agreement. Lockheed Martin has notified Multicut of a pending contract award……

  • India eases FDI regulations again

    The Indian government has announced FDI reforms in fifteen major sectors of the economy. For defence, India will now permit up to 49 per cent FDI automatically. Levels above 49 percent can be sanctioned by the FIPB.


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