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, No 1, Monday 11th January, 2016

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  • India changes offset rules: restores services and predicts defined projects

    In response to frequent amendment requests from vendors, India is releasing a series of important policy revisions. The changes come as the MoD prepares to publish a new Defence Procurement Procedure (DPP)…. Quality assurance services and training remain suspended and do not yet qualify for credits.

  • Russia marches into India

    President Vladimir Putin signed sixteen deals with Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a meeting at the Kremlin. The deals include an agreement for the joint manufacture of 226 military helicopters and the construction of twelve atomic energy plants with involvement of local companies in India.

  • Influential Egyptian agency “well placed to become the offset authority”

    The Arab Organization for Industrialization, a key agency linked to the Egyptian defence ministry, has signed an array of partnership agreements with Western defence companies over the past few weeks and reportedly seems well placed to become the Egyptian offset authority.

  • Mixed blessing for the Philippines’ countertrade policy as volumes reach new highs

    The Philippines International Trading Corp (PITC) has responded to a significant increase in government procurement by recording countertrade contracts worth at least 1.5 billion pesos ($33m) in 2015, about four times the level of previous volumes.

  • Political imperatives tempt Japanese into maritime ventures with Indonesia

    Japan and Indonesia will begin talks on the transfer of defence technology to Jakarta. Agreement was reached during discussions between the respective defence and foreign ministers. “Future military deals will only be with partners who embrace this approach”.


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