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, No 4, Monday 22nd February, 2016

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  • Pakistan publishes “impenetrable” offset policy, ignores it

    Pakistan has placed a formal offset regulation on the online portal of the Directorate General for Defence Purchase. The regulation states that offset is mandatory for defence procurements over $15m but the effective date of the policy is left blank….. “There is a lot of confusion about the policy.”

  • Defence expert: Canada’s procurement system is “ramshackle and stuck”

    Two years after a new drive to its procurement system the Canadian federal government is officially stuck, says David Perry, the senior analyst and a Fellow with the Canadian Global Affairs Institute. “Nothing has been delivered yet, which is ridiculous,” he says…. “Value propositions remain just an idea”.

  • Japan offers to build amphibious aircraft in India

    The Indian Navy has expressed interest in purchasing six US-2 amphibious aircraft. ShinMaywa Industries, the Japanese equipment manufacturer that produces them, has offered to set up plants in India to help cater to international demand.

  • Brazil readies legislation to ease public-private partnerships

    Brazil’s Finance Ministry has published a draft bill for partnerships between Brazilian public entities and the private sector for the implementation of strategic projects of national significance. The bill, when approved, will create a programme called ‘PPP Mais.’

  • Brazilian Air Force bombs Sweden

    The Brazilian Air Force has acknowledged that by 2022 more than 350 Brazilians will work on the Gripen NG project in Sweden.


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