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, No 7, Monday 11th April, 2016

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  • India’s DPP-2016 creates new preferred category

    India’s DPP-2016 gives priority to a new category of procurement. Indigenous Design, Development and Manufacturing (IDDM), first mentioned in January, replaces ‘Buy (Indian)’ as the most preferred category. The policy document remains incomplete with various annexures and appendices yet to be released, including the offset provisions.

  • DPP-2016 – COMMENT. A serial killer or a workable blueprint?

    DPP-2016 is meant to simplify the procurement process but it is a document of formidable complexity and is incomplete. Buried among the 100 pages of eternal acronyms is a policy that might just work…..

  • Annual report to Congress reveals strength of offset transactions in Europe

    The twentieth annual report to Congress on the impact of offsets in the defence trade reveals that European Defence Agency (EDA) members accounted for 34.62 percent of all offset transactions reported by U.S. firms in 2014 based on quantity…..a statistic that will give the European Commission nightmares.

  • Turkey’s policy drives domestic added value but fails to generate exports

    Turkey’s SSM does not always request domestic added value in defence contracts. While Turkey usually contributes about 70 percent of domestic added value to each defence contract, for some projects SSM is too short of money and time to make the request…..

  • Indonesia: MoD chief outlines technology approach, suggests SOE ministry is uncooperative

    The Chief of the Indonesian Defence Ministry’s procurement centre said that his government would implement a technology transfer requirement if the Defence Industry Policy Committee (KKIP) identifies in a purchase any of the seven weapon systems included in the country’s offset policy.


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