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, No 10, Monday 23rd May, 2016

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  • Romania drafts new offset policy – “Non-defence offsets acceptable until now”

    The Romanian government is in the process of changing its offset policy. The new policy awaits approvals from the ministries of Defence and the Interior, as well as from other relevant organizations. The regulations will focus on the application of Article 346 and will be “modified from head to toe.”

  • ‘Offset India Solutions’ raided by tax officials –Pilatus implicated

    Income tax officials have searched eighteen premises used by the service provider Offset India Solutions (OIS). A Hindustan Times investigation reported that Sanjay Bhandari received Rs 69.38 crore ($10.4m) from 35 shell companies between 2009 and 2014 and that the government was concerned over “the unusually high growth of his business in recent years.”

  • South Africa: Transnet threatens penalties over localisation obligations

    Transnet, South Africa’s state-owned freight transport company, has implemented a new series of governance, control, and monitoring measures. The move is intended to ensure that OEMs meet the company’s localisation obligations and supplier development commitments.

  • “Shameful” Australian ship deal goes to Spain

    Australia has signed a contract for Spain to build two new navy supply ships. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has defended the decision, saying that Australian industry would have substantial involvement.

  • India: Latest data shows two obligors fined

    Defence data released to India’s parliament discloses that the country has signed 29 offset contracts since the offset guidelines were introduced in 2005. Nineteen were for the Air Force, seven for the Navy, and three were for the Army. The total value of all obligations is about $6.13bn.


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