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, No 18, Monday 19th September, 2016

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  • Korea: DAPA is shocked to discover FMS contract prices take offsets into account

    DAPA is rethinking whether it wants to pursue offsets in FMS programmes. The hesitation comes after the administration sent letters to a number of U.S. contractors asking whether the companies included offset expenses in the total costs of the FMS programme. DAPA is now uncertain whether it wants the offsets after all…. the recently introduced ‘Offset Challenge Products’ policy is on hold.

  • US-India Business Council raises credit tardiness with Indian delegation

    The USIBC has raised with Indian Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar the concerns of U.S. defence contractors about what the contractors see as the casual approach of the Defence Offset Management Wing to signing off credits. Some U.S. companies are 120 weeks beyond the signing of the contract and are still waiting for DOMW to approve them.

  • India rejects DCNS’ foreign direct investment proposal

    The Indian government has rejected the country’s first 100 percent defence FDI proposal. The proposal was submitted in May by the French naval firm DCNS. India’s Finance and Defence ministries say the AIP system on offer is not new technology.

  • Australia alarmed as South African departments argue over China’s abuse of local content

    A Chinese company bidding to build a train fleet for Victoria, Australia, is causing considerable anxiety to Australia officials. The company has failed to meet local content requirements for a contract in South Africa.

  • Turkey in partnership talks with Eurosam

    Turkey’s National Defence Ministry and SSM are in talks with the Italian-French consortium Eurosam to purchase the SAMP/T Aster 30, a long-range missile defence system. Technology transfer and co-production will be feature as a long-term solution.


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