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, No 7, Monday 10th April, 2017

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  • Malaysia’s programme over-achieves

    Malaysia’s offset programme continues to develop strongly. Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Seri Johari bin Abdul Ghani informed delegates at an offset conference that each dollar spent on procurement achieved a multiple of between three and four by way of job creation, technology transfer, and qualitative investment…..

  • Indonesia: MoD tightens grip on KKIP

    The Director General of Defence Potential for Indonesia, Dr Sutrimo Sumarlan, confirmed that the MoD has assumed control of the country’s Defence Industry Policy Committee, known as KKIP. Competing factions had made responsibility for implementing the offset policy unclear.

  • Belgium decides on offsets for the Air Combat Capability Programme

    Belgium’s Council of Ministers has settled its internal political difficulties and released an RfP that invokes Article 346 TFEU….Offsets will qualify for a weighting of ten percent in the bid evaluation process, significantly more than the allocation for operational and technical support; ‘employability and deployability’; and ‘growth and evolution potential.’

  • Philippines expected to make offsets for defence procurement mandatory

    The Philippines International Trading Corporation is awaiting the formal approval of its president and CEO, Dave M. Almarinez, to structure an offset policy. The new policy will compel the military to engage in offsets instead of requesting offsets on a “best efforts” basis. In practice the military doesn’t ask.

  • Pakistan’s offset law is a paper tiger

    Pakistan’s formal offset regulation sits on the online portal of the Directorate General for Defence Purchase. The regulation states that offset is mandatory for defence procurements over $15m and provides policy details consistent with well-considered and conventional offset principles. But Pakistan does not appear to have required any foreign defence contractor to follow them…..


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