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, No 8, Monday 24th April, 2017

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  • Finland forestalls EC intervention with policy statement supporting offsets

    Finland’s MoD has issued a lengthy statement about its industrial participation policy for defence procurements. The statement precedes two major procurement projects for new fighter aircraft and new naval ships, and pre-empts possible criticism from the EC regarding the application of Article 346 TFEU.

  • DAPA responds to GOCA’s policy requests – guidelines to be changed

    Trade organisations often ask government authorities to make policy changes on behalf of their members. Much rarer are government authorities that publicly agree to many of those changes. Korea’s Defence Acquisition Programme Administration therefore caught GOCA, and conference delegates, by surprise when the Deputy Director of its offset division, Lieutenant Colonel Kim Dongwoo, provided straightforward answers to questions put to it and agreed to make improvements in a number of important areas…..

  • Australia’s IP policy now focused on defence export strategy

    “Our circumstances are changing,” Matt Ramage, Assistant Secretary, Defence Industry, told GOCA conference delegates. The focus will now be on sovereign industry capabilities and on developing, for the first time, a defence export strategy. That strategy is not in Australia’s DNA “but we’re changing the way we think.”

  • How offsets determined the winner for Canada’s search and rescue aircraft requirement

    Navdeep Bains, Canada’s Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED), has explained that Airbus won the competition for fixed-wing search and rescue aircraft in large part because of its ‘value propositions.’ The VPs included strong partnerships with Canadian industry, he said, and opportunities for Canadian companies in the Airbus Defence and Space supply chain were also critical to the successful bid.

  • Britain pledges “cutting-edge” military technology to India for co-production

    British Secretary of State for Defence, Michael Fallon, will offer cutting-edge military technology to India for co-production of weapon systems. They would together become “world beaters” in arms exports, he told his counterpart, Arun Jaitley, during a visit to Delhi.


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