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, No 14, Monday 24th July, 2017

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  • Contractors give hostile reception to DAPA’S policy shift

    Contractors have expressed dismay that Korea’s Defence Acquisition Programme Administration is “walking back” some of the policy pledges announced at the GOCA conference in April. DAPA introduced plans for revised guidelines at a two-and-a-half hour industry seminar in Seoul in late June. One concerned party described those plans as “rapacious”, an opinion that DAPA does not accept. The June seminar heard that a so-called ‘demerit table’……

  • Australia: New template “demands more than ever before” from defence companies

    Australia’s Department of Defence is adopting new procurement policies to demand more Australian involvement in defence projects. The Minister for Defence Industry, Christopher Pyne, announced new arrangements that change the process companies need to follow when responding to tenders for defence equipment. He said the move sends a clear signal to large overseas contractors…..

  • Australian industry demands tougher submarine terms

    The Australian Industry and Defence Network-Victoria has welcomed the stand taken by Victorian Government Minister Wade Noonan to call for stronger commitments on Australian industry involvement in the submarine programme. He called for tougher contractual obligations on the prime contractors.

  • UK’s Defence Secretary warns U.S. against closing its defence markets

    Michael Fallon, U.K. Secretary of State for Defence, said at a Centre for Strategic and International Studies
    roundtable in Washington that the UK has been buying a huge amount of high-end kit from the U.S. Britain, he noted, expects a fair return.

  • CETA agreement between European Union and Canada bans commercial offsets except for aboriginal businesses

    The Canadian government has delayed an announcement to provisionally apply the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, most likely by at least two months.


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