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, No 23, Monday 11th December, 2017

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  • “My government is stupid” – Romania’s Patriot contract ignites a firestorm

    Romania’s agreement to purchase Raytheon’s Patriot air and missile defence system has angered the country’s defence community. Although a statement issued by Raytheon suggests otherwise, the agreement makes no reference to domestic industrial participation. In calm and measured insults, the Executive Director of the Romanian Defence Trade Association accused his government of being “stupid,” and Raytheon and other American companies of lacking vision for the future.

  • Watchdog reprimands Portuguese agencies over execution mismanagement

    Portugal’s Court of Auditors has accused the Ministry of Economy and Employment of not properly considering the interests of the state when negotiating offsets. The criticism concerns the 2012 discussions for the C-295 tactical transport aircraft programme.

  • The Rafale fighter sleaze circus gets under way

    Rafale International, comprising Dassault Aviation, Safran, and Thales, is facing the time-honoured convention of an Indian outburst. A landslide of political and media conspiracy theories has insinuated that something shady is behind the procurement of the Rafale fighters, the offsets, and the joint venture partner. The accusers have failed to provide any evidence.

  • Peru: A steady policy showing $2bn in benefits over its first six years

    Peru launched its offset policy only in August 2010 but has already seen the execution of projects worth almost $2bn. General Wolfgang Dupeyrat, Director General of Material Resources at the MoD, said that only one country is missing from states whose defence industries are supporting Peru with offsets; the United States.

  • European Union issues decision concerning Article 346 TFEU, changes nothing

    The Joint Committee of the European Economic Area (EEA) has amended an annexe to the agreement known as XVI (Procurement). The committee has decided that references to Article 346 TFEU shall be read as references to Article 123 of the EEA Agreement. Article 123, like Article 346 TFEU, provides a loophole for EEA members that want to demand offset.


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