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, No 24, Monday 25th December, 2017

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  • “The Boeing effect”— Canada marks down “harmful” corporations

    Canada has broadened its criteria for winning bids for defence programmes to include the “harm” a corporation might cause to the Canadian economy as well as the benefits the company offers. Contenders deemed to be harming the country’s economic interests will find themselves at “a distinct disadvantage.”

  • Thai government selects ten commercial sectors for ip deals with foreign OEMS

    The Thai government has extended its industrial participation approach into the commercial sector. Ten industries have been selected for inclusion, starting with the commercialisation of locally-made defibrillators for hospitals.

  • Left’s cunning plan challenges European Commission’s inaction on the defence directive

    The European Parliament’s Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) has asked the European Commission to exert greater control over exemptions applied to the defence directive. A proposed amendment to Directive 2009/81/EC on defence and security procurement requires the exemptions to “be duly justified.” Igor Šoltes, a Slovenian lawyer and Green Party MEP, said that after eight years of inactivity he is calling for….

  • Eurofighter offers Belgium investments and a voice

    The European consortium promoting Eurofighter has revealed further details of its industrial offer to Belgium as part of its bid to replace the Belgian air force’s F-16 aircraft. Anthony Gregory, Campaign Director for Belgium at BAE Systems, said the proposal ensures that every Euro invested by Belgium in Eurofighter would help sustain more than 100,000 direct jobs across the continent, including in Belgium.

  • Russia’s four-stage programme for building helicopters in India

    Russian Helicopters will produce 200 Kamov lightweight multi-role military helicopters for India in four stages. The approach is meant to ensure the transfer of technology for the aircraft’s main components to the Indo-Russian joint venture, a senior official for the programme said. The first stage includes….


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