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, No 2, Monday 22nd January, 2018

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  • DAPA offset rule update faces delays and political upheaval

    South Korea’s Defence Acquisition Programme Administration has again delayed the implementation of its offset policy changes. So far only the demerit table, announced last June, has come into effect. Approval of the changes has been deferred until the end of this year. The new policy will include alterations to both the new demerit table and the country’s localisation quota…

  • Mystery regarding UAE/South Korea ‘double contract’

    New information has emerged in South Korea regarding a reported ‘double contract’ with the UAE. The deal was signed in 2013 and concerns a mutual logistics support agreement (MLSA) between the two countries’ militaries, according to The Hankook Ilbo. The report contends that the deal includes reciprocal provision of logistical support, supplies and services in return for either cash payments or provisions.

  • Sanctions boomerang as Russia embarks on a tech revolution

    The Kremlin has responded to sanctions imposed on Russia by the West following the country’s annexation of Crimea in 2014 by launching a ‘Make in Russia’ revolution. The initiative is principally for new technologies.

  • Airbus deepens industrial cooperation with China ahead of A-320 order

    Airbus has signed a new agreement deepening its level of industrial cooperation with China for the production of new aircraft. Initial reports suggested that Airbus received little in return for the increase in local production, however…

  • Indo-Korean minesweeper deal collapses

    A large deal between India and South Korea for the production of minesweeper vessels for the Indian Navy has collapsed at the final stage of negotiations. The vessels were stipulated to contain at least 60 percent indigenous content.


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