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, No 4, Monday 19th February, 2018

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  • Netherlands snubs European Commission with new IP tender

    The Netherlands has issued a new military tender that is likely to attraction the attention of the European Commission. The tender calls for the building of 1,434 mobile offices and workplaces for the Ministry of Defence. It includes an industrial participation requirement… “Of course it is legal because it is based on Article 346,” said…

  • Germany shoves policy aside, demands IP for helicopters

    Rheinmetall and Sikorsky will together lead a team of German industrial providers to offer helicopters for the German Air Force’s “Schwerer Transporthubschrauber” (STH) programme. The formation of the joint venture was a demand of the German government. “Essentially it is an offset, but in practice they will just give it another name, like ‘teaming agreement,’” a well-placed source told CTO.

  • “Dassault has not yet selected an Indian offset partner”

    India’s government is undergoing another pant-wetting session. The inexperience of recently appointed defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman forced the government to clarify the deal for the acquisition of Rafale jets from Dassault Aviation.

  • Trump’s offset policy takes root

    The U.S. State Department has told America’s allies and partners that when they buy American arms, they also receive training, support, and stronger security relations in addition to equipment – America’s equivalent to an offset programme. “You are getting a package that nobody else offers.”

  • Freedom of Information’ request reveals lower IP Target for Australia’s Future Frigate Programme

    The Australian government has hit back at critics within the Senate who have accused it of lowering the minimum percentage of local participation on the Future Frigate Programme.


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