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, No 7, Monday 09th April, 2018

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  • Korea’s DAPA — delay to policy shift hurts contractors

    A spokesperson for South Korea’s Defence Acquisition and Procurement Agency (DAPA) has admitted that the delayed release of an updated offsets policy is causing difficulties for contractors. The January 2017 version of the regulations remains in effect, we were told. The degree of change is expected to be considerable, fundamentally shifting the way DAPA offsets work.

  • Raytheon and Lockheed accept 100 percent liquidated damages for Poland’s ‘Patriot’ contract

    Poland’s Ministry of National Defence has signed offset agreements with both Raytheon and Lockheed Martin for the first stage of the WISŁA air defence system. Both contractors surrendered to the 100 percent penalty provisions, though with qualifications.

  • Beware: India’s DPP 2018 is under way

    India’s Department of Defence Production has highlighted proposed changes to its procurement policy. The proposals come in a newly released draft of a forthcoming Defence Production Policy 2018 (DPP 2018). The changes include streamlining the offset process. The DDP is conducting a survey and considering comments from stakeholders.

  • China promises to stop demanding tech transfer

    The Chinese government has announced new commitments to end forced technology transfer amidst growing international criticism of the practice. Speaking to journalists, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said that the country would end the practice as part of its commitment to reform.

  • Tawazun winds up its offset fund

    Tawazun Economic Council has announced the closure of its defence investment fund ‘Alfia.’ Formerly known as the ‘Chescor Capital Offset Fund,’ it was said to have fulfilled its purpose, serving as a vehicle through which defence contractors could discharge their offset obligations.


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