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, No 9, Monday 07th May, 2018

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  • ‘Defence Industrial Capability Plan’ re-defines Australian defence industry

    The Australian MoD has released its Defence Industrial Capability Plan. The plan reveals the ‘Sovereign Industrial Capability Priorities’ (SICPs) that the country hopes will build its local defence industrial base—and adds a complex layer to an already complex policy. Australia’s current local industrial cooperation policy, known as Australian Industrial Capability (AIC), will acquire the SICPs with the help of various other projects and grants.

  • Infringement cases: legal expert predicts EC will back off

    Dr. Aris Georgopoulos, a law professor and expert on European Law from the University of Nottingham, believes the EC will take a cautious approach to infringement cases given the risk of creating a legal precedent. He said the EC’s investigation into the possible misuse of offsets under the defence directive is unlikely to progress significantly.

  • India’s “chilling effect”

    “We are appreciative of offset banking, but what we would really require as [anyone] doing business in India, is clarification that the offset has been realised. Because unfortunately I submit to you today that companies have been given penalty letters, payments are being withheld, and this creates a chilling effect,” said AECOM’s Rahul Madhavan.

  • Industrial participation from a Nordic perspective – and Denmark’s reply to the EC

    Finland, Sweden, and Denmark sit together on many issues but differ in their views of defence solutions. A panel comprising representatives of the countries’ defence industry associations insisted that Article 346 TFEU was used only when essential national security interests were at stake. Norway was not represented… The Danish government has replied to the EC, saying…

  • Swiss offset policy revised—banking terms clarified

    Switzerland has modified its offset policy by streamlining the language and introducing the terms and conditions of the offset agreement and the banking agreement into the guidelines. The armaments policy is also in revision but will not be ready for another year.


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