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, No 11, Monday 11th June, 2018

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  • Universal offset law prepared for World Bank and Unicitral

    The World Bank is considering a draft law governing compensatory measures in international government procurements. The law is intended to add fairness, transparency, and accountability to the process of executing offset deals. The law, prepared for the ‘Global Forum on Law, Justice and Development,’ will apply to all offset contracts, direct, indirect, and semi-direct, added to international public procurements for commercial and defence products. The 46-page draft…

  • Pakistan: “Offsets needed to achieve army’s objectives”

    A report from a Pakistani defence analysis group says that offsets would have to generate economic benefits to fulfil the Armed Forces of Pakistan’s own strategic objectives. Those objectives are to secure long-term funding mechanisms to support current and future big-ticket procurements. Pakistan’s defence and security establishment seldom requires public approval for defence purchases but is constrained by financial resources.

  • Belgian fighter replacement programme becomes a mess

    Belgian defence minister Steven Vandeput has denied receiving additional details regarding a bid by Dassault Aviation to sell the country Rafale jets. The French government claims that the company has provided new offers of collaboration. Belgian opposition parties are calling for the government to pause the competition to replace its F-16 fighters and launch a parliamentary inquiry into the proceedings.

  • Australian audit: “Lürssen’s partner has never built a whole naval ship

    Australia’s National Audit Office has declared that the Naval Shipbuilding Plan carries a “high to extreme level of risk” of cost overruns and production delays. It also found that Australian industry is taking an early role in the development of capabilities, and enjoys greater support to maximise participation in major capital equipment projects such as shipbuilding.

  • Study prefers Fincantieri’s industrial proposal for Australian future frigates

    A study by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute has found that Italy’s bid for the Future Frigate tender (SEA 5000) has the best industrial cooperation outcomes.


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