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, No 15, Monday 06th August, 2018

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  • Saudi Arabia: SAMI buckles, counts localisation towards offset

    A group of defence companies led by Lockheed Martin has been revolting against Andreas Schwer, chief executive of Saudi Arabian Military Industries, an intelligence report says. CTO’s inquiries indicate that Lockheed has achieved some success; SAMI has agreed to count localisation towards offset.

  • U.S. advances ‘Buy American’ agenda with conventional arms transfer policy

    The U.S. State Department has approved the passage of an implementation plan for the country’s new Conventional Arms Transfer (CAT) policy. The policy functions as a kind of reverse offset: any defence sale must show that it can bring a tangible benefit to the American economy prior to approval.

  • Aero Vodochody and Paramount Group offer trainers “Built In The U.S.A.”

    Czech aircraft manufacturer Aero Vodochody announced that it has teamed up with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) to build a new light attack aircraft, the ‘F/A-259 Striker.’ The two companies are offering to build the aircraft in the United States. South Africa’s Paramount Group is planning to make a similar proposal.

  • Netherlands signs IP agreement with general atomics for drone purchase

    The Netherlands has ordered four MQ-9 Block 5 unmanned Predator B aerial vehicles from the U.S. as part of an FMS purchase. The procurement includes an industrial participation agreement. The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs declined to share information regarding the industrial participation agreement…

  • Sri Lanka offers tea to settle $250m Iranian oil debt

    The Sri Lanka Tea Board has offered to ship tea to Iran to offset the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation’s (CPC) debts for oil imports. The debt is worth $250m. European banks are trying to find ways to continue tea exports to Iran in the face of renewed sanctions.


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