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, No 16, Monday 20th August, 2018

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  • India’s new offset guidelines at “final stage”

    India’s Ministry of Defence has reached the final stage in its deliberations of the country’s draft defence offset guidelines. The guidelines were published in May. An officer at the Defence Offsets Management Wing (DOMW) told CTO there will be “many implications” in the final document concerning both financial and legal areas.

  • India: penalties thump Lockheed and Textron but Boeing wriggles free

    India’s Ministry of Defence has penalised two firms for failing to fulfil offset obligations. A third narrowly escaped… The Comptroller and Auditor General alleged that Boeing had claimed offset credits on the “mere placement of purchase orders, defeating the very purpose of having obligations.”

  • Kuwait: KDIPA’s new project list is ready but offsets for F/A-18 jets in doubt

    The Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Authority has released a new list of projects that companies can use to discharge their offset obligations. “We have them from the government sector and from the private sector,” Manal Najem Abdullah Jaber, KDIPA’s offset director, told CTO.

  • U.S. government to work with partners on “burdensome offsets”

    U.S. officials are consulting with foreign partners and local defence companies to address what they see as foreign countries’ “restrictive offset policies.” The moves form part of the recently updated Conventional Arms Transfer (CAT) policy which aims to increase U.S. arms sales to allied countries. The policy is undergoing a final implementation review.

  • Canada releases “Letter of Interest” to gauge fighter’s IP capabilities

    Canada’s Department of National Defence has issued a “Letter of Interest” for the Future Fighter Capability Project (FFCP). The winning supplier will have to make investments in Canada equal to the value of the contract. The purpose of the LoI is to gain a better understanding of Canadian industrial capabilities related to the sustainment of fighter aircraft.


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