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, No 23, Monday 03rd December, 2018

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  • “Australia’s IP programme is not just a compliance exercise”

    Australia wants its industrial cooperation programme to make contractors compete rather than just comply, says an Australian official. “We want companies to use their creativity, not just take it as a legalistic compliance. In fact that’s exactly the wrong mindset,” we were told.

  • South Africa torments OEMs with new BEE sector code for the defence sector

    South Africa’s Department of Trade and Industry has revised the country’s broad-based BEE code for the defence sector. The code requires companies to procure at least 60 percent of their defence materials and technologies from local producers. The black ownership sub-contract target is now 30 percent instead of 25 percent. The code also requires foreign contractors to place 75 percent of their contractual obligations under the defence industrial participation (DIP) programme with BBBEE-compliant suppliers.

  • Dutch government characterises opportunities for IP

    The Dutch Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Economic Affairs have published a Defence Industrial Strategy document. The ministries justify the use of industrial participation in defence procurement and identify key areas where national industrial capacities should be developed and maintained. The 55-page document cites “essential security interests” as a justification for derogating from the injunction on offsets in Directive 2009/81 by applying Article 346 TFEU.

  • DAPA briefs companies on new offset policy

    South Korea’s Defence Acquisition Programme Administration (DAPA) held a seminar last month at the National Defence Convention Centre on “innovative trade” for domestic and foreign defence companies. Officials discussed plans to implement offset credit banking and boost SME export levels. DAPA has launched the Defence Export Promotion Centre (DExPro) to support local defence firms seeking to export their products to foreign markets.

  • Cuba hopes to benefit from EC sanctions busting

    Cuba hopes that a special payment system the EU is creating to avoid U.S. sanctions on Iran will help it to sidestep its own Washington-imposed trade embargo. The EU is building a special purpose vehicle to allow member states to continue to trade with Iran through a counterpurchase arrangement.


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