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, No 5, Monday 09th March, 2009

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  • Abu Dhabi International Offset Conference 2009 reviewed

    In a dramatic eve of deadline development the Romanian MoD delivered a letter to the European Defence Agency (EDA) asking for more time to consider its position on the Code of Conduct on Offsets…… The Norwegian government has subscribed to the Code of Conduct on Offsets under an Administrative Arrangement…

  • Waha Capital and Blenheim set up another offset investment fund

    Waha Capital has been mandated to arrange and manage a financing programme to purchase military aircraft worth AED 11bn ($3bn). The deal includes the procurement of advanced Super Hercules from Lockheed Martin along with four C17 military transportation jets from Boeing.

  • Kuwait outlines business plan – Offset obligor committee established

    Mazen Madooh, Managing Director of Kuwait’s National Offset Company (NOC), described his country’s offset business plan and announced the formation of an Offset Obligor Committee…

  • Joel Johnson: “Treat foreigners fairly”

    Although Johnson sang the same song at the SMi conference in Turkey, he did add a new variation by declaring that offsets now are much more difficult to do — and there just may be a role for the U.S. Government.


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