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, No 6, Monday 18th March, 2019

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  • UAE: Tawazun’s policy is off the record – and that’s official

    The Tawazun Economic Council has sent its new policy guidelines to contractors with offset obligations. The policy comes with a stern warning that contractors have described as “paranoid, secretive, and bizarre.” It read: For your attention only, shall be kept confidential in accordance…and may not be distributed, copied or otherwise sent to any agent or advisor…or to any 3rd party without the prior written consent of Tawazun. The document is reviewed below.

  • Tawazun’s policy enters a new phase

    The UAE’s offset program will be more flexible in accepting project types, and has new credit parameters and area priorities, according to the Tawazun Economic Council. The policy, the agency claims, is value-focused, simple, and efficient to implement. Contractors’ views were generally positive, but with reservations about the low level of the multipliers. They also disputed its claim to simplicity…

  • Rahul Gandhi calls for Modi’s prosecution in wake of offset scandal

    Rahul Gandhi, leader of India’s opposition Congress Party, has called for the prosecution of prime minister Narendra Modi, citing his handling of Rafale’s offsets. Meanwhile key evidence in the investigation is said to have been “stolen.”

  • Poland’s PGZ: “The U.S. doesn’t understand our Offset Act”

    A board member of Polish state-owned company Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa has expressed frustration with the U.S. as offset talks between the two countries drag on. PGZ is the main partner and exclusive offset recipient in the Wisła medium-range air defence procurement program.

  • Australia and Boeing to locally develop drone for export

    Boeing has unveiled a new drone fighter under development in Australia with support from the Australian DoD. The drones will be initially be manufactured in Australia, both for use by the DoD as well as for export to international markets.


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