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, No 11, Monday 08th June, 2009

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  • Significant changes transforming South Korea’s offset outlook

    Korea’s Defence Acquisition Law was revised on April 1 and will come into effect on July 3, bringing new benefits for offset service providers. The law allows for exports of Korean non-defence products to qualify as offsets if they are below 50 percent of the total commitment.

  • MoD is the weak link as Taiwan adapts to WTO rules on industrial cooperation

    Jim Grzella, Raytheon’s Director for Global Partnering, told conference delegates in Las Vegas that the Industrial Development Bureau at Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs will retain ownership of the industrial cooperation process, continue to specify commercial projects, and still do commerce-related offsets with suppliers that have obligations under a defence contract.

  • Hungary introduces new offset policy

    Hungary has introduced significant changes to the offset rules to reflect the new EDA Code of Conduct on Offsets and to account for the country’s new economic priorities. The changes will …

  • Poland has found offsets to be beneficial – code of conduct receives lukewarm welcome

    Poland has missed some projects but in general offset has had a positive effective on the economy and delivered real R&D benefits to the defence sector. The feeling is that performance has been quite good. Poland has concluded sixteen offset agreements to date…

  • Slovenia to raise threshold and lower multipliers

    The threshold of €400,000 is considered to be too low and is soon to be raised. Offset credits may now be banked for up to three years but multipliers will be slightly reduced…


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