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, No 17, Monday 02nd September, 2019

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  • Ziva Eger defends Israel’s IC policy – debunks think tank’s “conspiracy theories”

    An Israeli think-tank has attacked the policies of Israel’s Industrial Cooperation Authority. Dr. Asher Meir, head of the economics department at the Kohelet Policy Forum, described the industrial cooperation policies as complicated, expensive, tending to disqualify many suppliers, and increasing contract costs. Ziva Eger, who heads the ICA, hit back. Israel’s policy is one of the most effective tools available to the government to leverage public spending, she said.

  • “Australian local content ambitions are unrealistic!”

    The Australian Strategic Policy Institute has raised questions about the effectiveness of industrial participation and local content in the country’s current and future defence procurements. A report published by the institute has found that the average additional cost premium for local industrial participation in specific sectors was around 30 percent. Official government figures for the future submarine procurement put the cost premium at…

  • Poland: Former PGZ chief: “Current chief has no vision”

    A former president of Poland’s state-owned Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa (PGZ) has questioned whether the country’s defence industry would see benefits from offsets associated with the “Wisla” program. Wojciech Dabrowski said the country’s defence industry is regressing.

  • South Africa: Seriti Commission of inquiry ruling set aside but might restart

    South Africa’s High Court has set aside the December 2016 ruling of the Seriti Commission of Inquiry into defence corruption. The commission had rated as “fair” a conclusion that the offsets meant to flow from the arms procurement had substantially materialised. The outcome generated disbelief but not surprise at the time.

  • Is the cost premium worth it? India reassesses Su-30MKI value


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