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, No 19, Monday 07th October, 2019

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  • UAE: Tawazun touts “seeds” and “project bank” schemes, skimps on the details

    Tawazun has executed seven projects since the launch of the new Tawazun Economic Program framework. Ten other project concepts are currently underway. More than 40 representatives from defence OEMs have expressed interest in joining the Sustain and Enhance Emiratisation in Defence and Security (SEEDS) program. The Project Bank initiative is “a forward-looking feature, poised to add tremendous value…”

  • The UK’S DSIEP policy rises from the dead

    The UK’s Ministry of Defence is planning to resurrect its “Defence and Security Industrial Engagement Policy” (DSIEP). “It wasn’t exactly robust beforehand,” an executive said. None of the data needed to implement the policy has been collected or monitored properly since 2016.

  • Swiss Federal Council votes in favour of 100 percent fighter offsets

    The Swiss Federal Council has voted in favour of applying a 100 percent offset quota to the country’s forthcoming procurement of fighter jets. The Security Policy Committee in the Council of States, parliament’s upper house, had asked parliament to oppose a planned reduction of the offset quota to 60 percent and disqualify commercial offsets.

  • Czech Republic to re-introduce industrial participation

    The Czech MoD is working on a new approach to industrial participation. The country intends to amend legislation to make state-owned companies in the defence sector more eligible to receive projects.

  • Thai Air Force to introduce “purchase and develop” policy

    The Royal Thai Air Force will implement a “purchase-and-develop” policy in its future procurement plans. Under the policy, the RTAF will only purchase defence and strategic hardware if it is allowed to take part in the development of the software used to operate the products.

  • Former Taiwan defence minister calls for offset “headaches” for OEMS, “like Singapore”

    A former Taiwanese minister for national defence has called for offsets and technology transfer to be part of a recently agreed deal to procure fighter jets from the U.S. He was referring to the $8bn order for 66 Lockheed F-16 aircraft and 75 F110 General Electric engines and other systems.


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