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, No 21, Monday 04th November, 2019

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  • Airbus suspends helicopter production project in Romania – writes off €10m

    Airbus Helicopters has suspended a production project in Romania after the country failed to move ahead with a planned procurement. The company has invested €10m in the project. It had allocated €15m.
    Airbus would have transferred technology to the state-owned aerospace producer IAR Brasov, including the ability to conduct assembly and completion activities.

  • Official: Brazilian Air Force already implementing revised but incomplete guidelines

    Brazil’s Coordinating Committee of the Combat Aircraft Program (COPAC) has begun implementing Decree N° 061, a new policy intended to improve the country’s industrial base. The Brazilian Air Force is still finalising the decree’s offset guidelines to conform to last year’s policy reset.

  • Korea: DAPA produces list of future offset projects

    Korea’s Defence Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) has produced a table outlining offset projects for 2020-21. The release is intended to help contractors develop a “pre-engagement strategy” for the projects.

  • Taiwan: Minister threatens to blow away foreign wind companies

    Taiwan’s minister of Economic Affairs, Shen Jong-Chin, has threatened to get rid of foreign wind energy companies if they do not comply with the country’s local content requirements. The minister told a legislative consultation session that they would be “replaced by second-tier candidates” if they fail to fulfil the localisation targets set by the ministry.

  • Malaysia seeks foreign partners for UAV production, embraces Turkey

    Malaysia’s defence minister, Mohamad Sabu, announced during a parliamentary session that Malaysia will work with Turkey on the production of eight-wheel drive armoured combat vehicles. He also said Malaysia is considering ways to develop its own combat weapons, including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).


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