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, No 23, Monday 02nd December, 2019

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  • Canada’s VP approach has no cap – ITB commitments may exceed 100 percent

    Commander Walt Nolan (retd), a Lockheed Martin Canada executive responsible for delivering Value Proposition commitments for the Canadian Surface Combatant and several other major programs, led conference delegates on a charge through Canada’s tortuous VP process. He warned contractors about “the monster” that is Canada’s VP approach…

  • Poland: “The offset law is not as inflexible as you think”

    Defence contractors engaging in offsets in Poland should not take the country’s law literally, GOCA conference attendees were told. Government expectations of offset differ from the law. The divergence is causing confusion. “What you read [in the law] actually is fairly significantly removed from the reality of how offset functions in Poland,” explained…

  • Turkey: Defence contractors with obligations face double trouble

    A number of Turkey’s NATO allies and other European countries have suspended arms sales to Turkey. Contractors are now left with the vexing question of how to respond to their country’s arms embargo. The restrictions may frustrate their contracts to export military equipment for offset obligations. Turkey has threatened to sue for breach of contract. Contractors might be able to declare force majeure…

  • Czech Republic calls for offsets – minimum quota 30 percent

    Czech president Miloš Zeman has called for his country to use offsets on future defence procurements as the country lays out a new acquisition strategy.

  • “Israel pays 3 percent for defence offsets and nothing for indirects”

    Israel’s defence offsets add only 3 percent to the procurement cost, and indirect commercial offsets have no additional cost at all, declared Ziva Egar, the CEO of Israel’s Industrial Cooperation Authority. Offset costs are linked to the ease with which contractors can fulfil obligations within the country, she explained.


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