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, No 10, Monday 18th May, 2020

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  • Transparency International’s Government Defence Index gives Middle East an “F” for offsets. UAE and Saudi Arabia score zero

    Transparency International Defence and Security (TI) has awarded the majority of governments in the Middle Eastern and African regions who participated in its survey an ‘F’ grade on metrics related to offsets. F means fail, big time. Data on European countries is due for release in November/December.

  • CSIS Contrasts UAE and Saudi defence industry development – “Generals are not immune to the temptation of bribes”

    A review by the Centre for Strategic and International Studies notes that offsets have played an “extremely important” role in the development of both the UAE and Saudi Arabia’s domestic defence industries. Retired military officers have often served as front men in the UAE, often representing members of the ruling family…MBS’s localisation policies are “somewhat unaligned with reality”.


    The Global Offset and Countertrade Association (GOCA) has announced that the group will now be called the Global Industrial Cooperation Association (GICA). The reason for the name change, we are told, is to reflect the changing industry and mission of the group. The new name “captures the need to connect more than ever and aligns focus on the changing trends of the industry.” It includes a redesigned logo with the tagline “Transforming Partnerships.”

  • Austrian court closes Eurofighter investigation — Finance Procurator to appeal

    The Vienna District Court for Criminal Matters has closed an investigation into alleged fraud by Airbus and Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug GmbH. The so-called “Eurofighter Affair” relates to allegations that the company paid bribes to win the contract, and that the offsets were poorly implemented. An appeal against the decision is expected. Christina Salzborn, a spokeswoman and judge at the District Court, told CTO….

  • Australian discussion paper seeks defence industry feedback

    The Australian Department of Defence’s Centre for Defence Industry Capability has released a new discussion paper. The paper seeks comment from stakeholders on support programs and is part of a review process initiated by the Minister for Defence Industries, Melissa Price.


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