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, No 12, Monday 22nd June, 2020

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  • French report highlights rising offset demands but fewer sales

    A French annual report on arms exports has highlighted the rising demand for offsets and industrial cooperation in the local defence industry’s international arms deals. The demand came even as orders for French defence equipment declined in 2019. The report notes that industrial cooperation and technology transfers are “usually not enough” and that other sellers must often look for activities outside the defence industry…

  • No changes planned to Malaysian policy following leadership shake-up

    Malaysia is not planning to revise its Industrial Collaboration Program policy anytime soon, despite a leadership change at the Technology Depository Agency (TDA). The government removed CEO Dato’ Zailani Safari in April.

  • Thales STUDY vindicates Australian industrial cooperation policy

    A study prepared by economic analysis firm AlphaBeta Advisers on behalf of Thales Australia has found that the defence company spent AUD$1.3bn ($900m) with Australian suppliers between 2017 and 2019. More than 60 percent went to SMEs. Australia’s Minister for Defence Industry has hailed the study as evidence of the success of the country’s industrial cooperation policies.

  • Czechia to procure French artillery with mandated industrial cooperation

    The Czech MoD has announced that it will buy artillery pieces from Nexter. The purchase will include significant local industry involvement. The deal has not yet been signed… The 50 percent local participation may represent a contractual obligation or merely an aspiration.

  • Colombia’s offset policy is under review

    Colombia’s Ministry of National Defence has informed CTO that it is reviewing the country’s offset policy and intends to make changes. Evaluation is ongoing with various actors and institutions. The focus is expected to shift towards…


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