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, No 13, Monday 06th July, 2020

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  • India ignores petitions to change draft DPP 2020

    India’s Department of Defence Production has rejected most of the requested changes to the draft Defence Production Policy (DPP) 2020. Defence contractors and other concerned parties had asked the DPP to change a number of provisions, including those concerning penalties, multipliers, and eligible projects. Contrary to media reports, the DDP has not confirmed plans to discontinue offset credit banking provisions. Their discontinuation though does remain likely…

  • Saudi government has awarded British government no “Al Yamamah” offset credits for 34 years

    A breakthrough is at last conceivable in a long dispute between Saudi Arabia and the UK regarding offset credits under the historic Al Yamamah offset program. The government of Saudi Arabia had refused to acknowledge any offset credits for thirty years, despite submissions by the UK MoD. A Freedom of Information request by CTO reveals that the UK MoD has submitted a claim but has not received a counter offer…

  • India: Local content bid preferences now more bureaucratic

    India’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry has revised its 2017 Public Procurement (Preference to Make in India) Order, adding new forms of procurement preferencing. The new order introduces a three-tiered local content system that applies to all government ministries, including the MoD.

  • Naval Group documents show Australia gets “sloppy seconds”

    Documents obtained through a Freedom of Information request by the Australian Labor Party (ALP) show that Naval Group has identified further problems in achieving its Australian Industry Capability (AIC) targets. The company appears not to be prioritising local workshare.

  • Saudi Arabia: GAMI grants licences to eighteen new firms

    Saudi Arabia’s General Authority for Military Industries (GAMI) has announced that it has granted licences to eighteen new companies to work in the defence industry. The move is in line with GAMI’s strategy to localise more than 50 percent of the kingdom’s spending on military equipment and services, said a statement from the authority.


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