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, No 14, Monday 20th July, 2020

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  • India publishes offset guidelines but delays DPP 2020

    India’s Defence Offsets Management Wing uploaded its new Defence Offset Guidelines on July 7, 2020. The guidelines form Appendix D to Chapter II of the 746-page Defence Production Policy (DPP) 2020. The DPP came into force on April 1, although the Department of Defence, a different MoD department, is yet to release a final version. The customary inconsistencies are maintained.

  • PESCO pits 21 EC member states against the four “superstates”

    Countries with less-developed defence sectors, like Poland, favour the use of Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) to develop their Defence Technology and Industrial Base (DTIB). Larger players such as France and Germany, with more developed sectors, prefer developing EU capabilities. The difference has led to friction among competing contributors wanting their share of industrial projects…

  • Australian local content controversy spreads from subs to frigates

    Controversy regarding the level of Australian defence industry involvement in major naval procurements has spread from submarines to the AUD35bn ($24.29bn) Hunter-class frigate program…

  • Boeing details its positive economic impact in Canada

    An economic impact assessment commissioned by Boeing and carried out by Ottawa-based consulting firm Doyletech Corporation has provided details of the company’s industrial cooperation footprint in Canada. The study found that in 2019 Boeing spent CAD2.3bn ($1.7bn) in Canada, creating 11,000 jobs directly.

  • Dynamit Nobel Defence tempts Poland with tech transfer

    The German chemical and armaments company Dynamit Nobel Defence is offering to transfer to Poland technology and other forms of industrial cooperation as part of a bid to sell its Recoilless Grenade Weapon (RGW) systems. Poland is seeking anti-tank grenade launchers for its army as part of the “GROT” project.


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