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, No 20, Monday 19th October, 2020

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  • India’s DAP 2020 – “indigenous content” is the new buzzword

    India has published the final version of its Defence Acquisition Procedure (DAP) 2020. The new DAP trims the requirement for offsets and discards the Buy and Make procurement category. India will no longer demand offsets for government-to-government defence deals such as FMS and single-vendor contracts. It remains highly complex but gives preference to the domestic manufacture of complete defence products over components.

  • DOMW clarifies credit banking discontinuance

    DAP 2020 makes no mention of credit banking. India’s Defence Offsets Management Wing (DOMW) has released new guidance to explain the discontinuation of the practice.

  • DAP 2020 damned with faint praise

    India’s defence industry has praised the country’s DAP 2020. Analysts have voiced concerns over its aims. The Confederation of Indian Industry gushed that DAP-2020 has established pragmatic avenues for foreign OEMs to manufacture in India on their own and in collaboration with Indian industry. An analyst said is too complex, with 11 procurement categories, and reminded readers that similar glee accompanied the promulgation of DPP 2016.

  • Swiss fighter scrapes home in referendum

    Swiss citizens have approved in a referendum a multi-billion dollar purchase of new fighter jets. The proposal passed with a vote of 50.1 percent, a difference of just 9,000 votes out of about 3 million. Voters in German-speaking regions supported the procurement while those in Italian and French-speaking regions…

  • Romania releases Defence White Paper – wants joint ventures, doesn’t mention offsets

    Romania’s MoD has released a White Paper that prioritises boosting the domestic defence industry. The government will pay special attention to bilateral cooperation projects aimed at encouraging cooperation in the production and modernisation of military equipment through industrial partnerships and cooperation.


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