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, No 3, Monday 08th February, 2021

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  • UAE consolidates, obligors co-operate, suppliers relocate

    How do suppliers meet offset obligations in regions with growing budgets but limited local industry? It’s a perennial problem for big obligors selling to small countries. Speakers at the virtual GICA conference described two solutions available in the United Arab Emirates…“It is worth noting that the offset policy in the UAE has evolved in response to challenges that have become a barrier to progress,”

  • Malaysia raises local content requirement to beat covid

    As countries around the world roll out stimulus plans to cure the economic effects of COVID 19, Malaysia believes that it might have found a superpill. The country is turning to industrial participation as one way to deliver support for the government’s economic recovery plan.

  • India: “There are no offsets… but you have to engage with Indian industry”

    In their discussion of India’s changing IP guidelines at the GICA virtual conference, Mayank Patel, Managing Director of Tri Polus Ltd. and Salil Gupte, President of Boeing India, had some good news for the country’s foreign suppliers: spending is up; foreign ownership is in; and offsets are off. The reality though, as suppliers to India have long known, is more complex…

  • Morocco looks to U.S. for defence industry cooperation – trade association demands formal offset policy

    Morocco has held discussions with the U.S. about co-operation to develop the North African country’s defence industry. The General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises (CGEM) has appointed a lobbyist to encourage the government to establish a formal commercial offset policy.

  • Kuwait unchained five obligors from bank guarantees in 2020

    The Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Authority (KDIPA) released the bank guarantees of five offset obligors last year following completion of their projects. Seven bank guarantees were reduced following partial implementation.


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