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, No 11, Monday 07th June, 2021

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  • Procurement officers suffer from “offset fatigue”

    GICA Presentation: For contractors pitching to customers, offset requirements can look like obstacles that must be overcome to complete a transaction. If they can just find the right local suppliers, they’ll be able to check all the boxes and land all the credits. Sometimes the match between the offset demands and the procurement policy doesn’t work…

  • Damages should be “compensatory, not punitive”

    Penalties are painful things that offset practitioners usually try to avoid. A legal discussion at the GICA virtual conference took participants through an unmissable tour of different countries’ approaches towards unfulfilled obligations.

  • European Parliament criticises Poland and Romania for using Article 346 to buy American instead of supporting PESCO

    The European Parliament has published a document analysing defence industry cooperation in the European Union. The analysis takes issue with the “de facto application” of internal market rules. It blames Article 346(1) TFEU, the frequently used offset escape route, for frequently “restraining” the defence equipment market.

  • Indonesia aims for 40 percent offset quota in defence procurements

    Indonesia’s Defence Minister, Prabowo Subianto, has called for defence purchases to be treated as investments in local industry. “We have to find out how to implement trade returns, local content, offsets, transfer of technology, and details of defence investment in every procurement of defence and security from abroad,” he said.

  • “Future Combat Air Programme” to drive skills development right across the UK

    An independent report produced by professional services firm PwC has confirmed the economic impact of the Tempest programme. The programme will affect every region of the UK, supporting an average of 21,000 jobs a year, with 70 percent of the programme’s value generated in the North West, South West and East of England, according to BAE Systems.


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