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, No 6, Monday 22nd March, 2010

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  • Taiwan insists “F-16s must have industrial cooperation”

    Taiwan’s defence ministry has denied a report claiming that the administration of President Ma Ying-jeou has abandoned a project to assemble 66 F-16s in Taiwan. The ministry said that the U.S. Government has already included in its pricing letter an industrial co-operation programme related to the purchase of C/D versions of the fighter jets.


  • Canada still adjusting its policy

    Since introducing its revised Industrial and Regional Benefits (IRB) policy last October, Industry Canada has been busy applying a steady drip of important new amendments. The changes affect credit banking, direct offsets, multipliers, and more…

  • Slovenia: Review of a policy in decay

    Dusan Bevc, Head of Business Network International’s Industrial Cooperation Group, suppressed nothing as he lay before his audience a litany of shortcomings in his country’s offset process. Slovenia’s policy might be on the way to comfortable irrelevance.

  • Positive signs following Greek MOD discussions on penalties

     A Greek daily newspaper reports that following an internal Defence Ministry summit chaired by Deputy Minister Panos Beglitis an approach has been found to defuse the standoff between the MoD and defence contractors with offset obligations.

  • Ecudor and Uruguay reach agreement on bilateral oil barter

    Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa has agreed that Petroecuador will supply Uruguay with 360,000 barrels of crude. In exchange, Ancap will provide Ecuador an equal amount of gasoline. Mr. Correa described the deal as a step toward regional integration.


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